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Jacada Travel are the experts in luxury, bespoke trips to Latin America, Africa, Asia, Europe and the polar regions. We carefully design every trip with you, the traveller, in mind.

Every traveller requires the same amount of care and attention. Honeymooners will usually require privacy on their trip; families value stability and safety in a region; a female solo traveller might want to consider a country where she will feel secure; and same-sex couples will want to explore places in which they can be comfortable and relaxed.

Same-sex travel is something with which we’re very familiar. Aside from many of our clients travelling in same-sex couples (including the first ever people we planned a holiday for, back in 2008), several of our team are LGBT travellers (the photo above is of our safari and Africa expert Tess moments after getting engaged to Charlotte on top of Table Mountain) – so we understand what it’s like to journey to a destination where you might not know what is locally accepted.

That’s what we’re here for: to make your trip easy and comfortable, and to make your travels inspirational and immersive.


Looks great Jonny, you’ve done an EXCELLENT job.  As I said before, I watched the Jacada videos online and it talked about personal attention to detail and really taking into account what the client wants.  Even on such short notice and with our somewhat complicated requests with our 3-year-old, you’ve made it work and we are grateful to have such a wonderful itinerary. It’ll be my first time back home in 20 years and I can’t wait.

Garon, James & Matteo, Washington DC – March 2016

Java is amazing. We enjoyed a 4-hour bike ride this morning visiting much of the agriculture region and several villages. I can’t get over how nice the people are here. Everyone smiled and said hello as we passed them by…so warm and genuine.

Mark & Wes, Texas – Sept 2014

Mark & Wes in Java, Indonesia

We have to say that we are extremely impressed by the attention to detail that permeated the trip. Everywhere we went, restaurants and hotels, they knew it was our honeymoon, greeted us with a smile and open arms, and treated us with exclusive service.

Juan & TJ, New York – January 2015

Top LGBT Destinations

All the countries we work with are suitable for same-sex travel, though some are more relaxed than others. Here are some of our top picks for LGBT travellers.

South Africa

South Africa is one of our most popular destinations, but it’s also great for LGBT travellers with a thriving LGBT bar scene in Cape Town and progressive laws – it was the second country outside Europe to legalise gay marriage.

This country has it all: some of the world’s finest wines; a tantalising foodie scene; staggering scenery; epic Big Five safaris; and the most luxurious hotels and lodges on the continent. Cape Town is easily one of the world’s most stunning cities, embraced as it is by mountains and the ocean.


When it comes to a combination of beaches and adventure, Thailand is hard to beat. One of the most accessible countries in Southeast Asia, Thailand offers island hopping in the south, trekking in the highlands around Chiang Mai, the heady, frenetic city of Bangkok to explore, moreish local dishes, and a polished luxury tourism industry.

Thailand has always been one of the most accepting, friendly and open countries for all kinds of travellers, which has cemented its popularity over the past couple of decades.


Like Thailand, Bali has a relaxed and open-minded attitude to LGBT travellers, though public displays of affection for both same-sex and straight couples are frowned upon.

The sleek, party centre of the island’s south, Seminyak sports an openly gay nightlife scene. The surfing around the south coast is amongst the world’s best – but if you’d just as soon lie on a sun-bleached beach, that’s fine too. The centre of Bali is covered in lush rice terraces and temple-filled Ubud is peppered with Zen-like wellness retreats and luxury hotels.


In a city like Rio, virtually anything goes. The Carnival spirit is extended (though taken down a few notches) throughout the year. In the energetic, glamourous areas of Ipanema and Leblon, the days are defined by beach volleyball, surfing, tanning and beach-side workouts. When night falls, the locals head to the city’s top-notch restaurants, swanky bars and sexy samba hangouts.

Throughout the rest of the country, attitudes are equally relaxed.

Cropped shot of Mardi Gras dancer


San Sebastian was a 2016 Europe capital of culture, which simply provides one further reason to travel to this small seaside town with a dynamite food scene.

Spain generally has long been an LGBT favourite due to the fact that most of the major cities have thriving, fun LGBT areas, popular with everyone. For art lovers, the cities of Madrid and Barcelona overflow with galleries and public artworks; the extravagant and beautiful Moorish architecture of Andalusia are unmissable; and the scenic and chilled Balearic Islands offer downtime or parties, depending on what you fancy.


A country of many faces, from the seductive Buenos Aires to the wildness of Patagonia, Argentina keeps you coming back. Like most Latin American countries, the laws are wholly in favour of LGBT rights and the tourism industry is welcoming to all.

Buenos Aires is the launch pad for all tours to Argentina, but so much more, with its plethora of world-best steak houses, swanky bars in Art Deco mansions, and fine art-focused luxury hotels. Then visit the sublime lake district, the craggy peaks and bracing air of Patagonia, the rolling vine-covered hills of the wine region of Mendoza, the thundering Iguassu Falls, and the otherworldly, lesser known desert terrain of the south-west.

Argentina, Patagonia

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