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This eight-day trip takes you from the vibrant capital of Havana to the tobacco fields of Vinales and the elegant city of Trinidad. Get a taste for life on this Caribbean island by spending time with local guides who will show off their country’s natural beauty and give you insight into what it means to live in Cuba today.

Your adventure starts with three nights in Havana, a city with a thousand stories to tell. Wander through lively plazas and past crumbling buildings learning about its colonial past, its association with notorious gangsters and the part it played in the Cuban Revolution. You’ll also have the opportunity to visit a local market and ration card store for a glimspe into modern city life.

It’s then onto the Vinales, an area of rust-coloured soil, green tobacco fields and huge limestone hills. Trek through the beautiful valley, learn about Cuba’s tobacco industry and simply enjoy a traditional way of life being lived as it has been for hundreds of years.

Your final stop is Trinidad, Cuba’s most handsome city. Pastel coloured houses line its cobbled streets and its squares come alive in the evening with music and dancing. The mountains of the Topes de Collantes sit on the horizon and the best way to end your trip is to find a spot on a rooftop and watch the sun set out the hills, a Cuba Libra in hand.

Example trip itinerary

Days 1-4


Flights & transfers


Private transfer to your casa particular in Havana

Three nights in Havana Three nights in Havana

Havana's story is one that could fill the pages of even the thickest of history books. It has been ransacked by pirates, colonised by the Spanish, conquered by the British and turned into a gambling den by gangsters, but today it is one of Latin America's most vibrant cities. Havana’s energy is undeniably contagious; the beats of salsa and regaton permeate the air and life in the city is very much lived out on the streets. Doors are flung open, friends congregate on the pavement to chat and dancing with whoever happens to be passing at the time is just par for the course. In the relative coolness of the evening the Malecon, an 8km sea drive that runs westward from the Havana Vieja, comes alive with families, couples and friends coming to play music, drink rum and chat until the early hours.

Colonial Havana city tour Colonial Havana city tour

Walk in the footsteps of Havana´s colonial past and delve into the city's fascinating history. You will visit the four key squares of Old Havana, a UNESCO world heritage site. The Plaza de Armas, Plaza San Francisco de Asis, Plaza Vieja and Plaza de la Cathedral each tell their own story and your guide will bring to life the city's incredibly unique history. Havana's architecture is some of the world's most iconic, and beautiful, and you'll see first hand the steps being taken to help restore the buildings of the old town, without losing its character and soul.

Havana gangster tour Havana gangster tour

Havana has had a long history with gangsters, and during the 30s it was home to characters such as Meyer Lansky, Lucky Luciano and Al Capone to name a few. This tour visits the haunts of the mafia bosses and along the way takes in the panoramic views of the city.

Cuban food tour Cuban food tour

Together with your guide, you will visit a produce market, a food store and a ration card store to learn about the different ways Cubans have access to food. Enjoy lunch a Grados where chef Raulito chats as he cooks while you enjoy a drink. Expect long lost childhood recipes from pre-revolution Cuba such as delicious lamb slow-cooked in pru (an eastern Cuba herbal drink) or a countryside classic called farm eggs, served on a bed of maize.

Flights & transfers


Private transfer to Viñales

Days 4-6


vinales sunrise
Two nights in Viñales Two nights in Viñales

Nestled within the Sierra de los Organos on the west of the island is the laid-back town of Viñales. Agriculture is the main industry in the Viñales Valley and the land is farmed in much the same way as it has been for centuries. Oxen plough the fields, their hooves a more gentle alternative to modern machinery, and field upon field is dedicated to the crop that goes into making one of Cuba’s most famous exports – the cigar. The Viñales Valley is one of the country's most striking landscapes; scattered across a tapestry of rust-coloured soil and green tobacco fields are huge limestone hillocks, known as mogotes, other-worldly like formations from the Jurassic period. Ripe for exploring, this area is perfect for hiking, climbing and horse riding.

Tobacco tour Tobacco tour

From growing it to drying it, to rolling it and smoking it - this is the in-depth tour of tobacco from seed to cigar. Walking into the lush countryside, you will visit the tobacco plantations where they still plough with oxen, see the famous drying houses and have a tobacco farmer show you how to roll a cigar.

Trekking through the Viñales Valley Trekking through the Viñales Valley

Today you will trek to Los Aquaticos - the site of the water people. This trek is named after the local traditions of a small number of residents that live in the Viñales Valley and believe in the healing properties of water. The walk itself is around 4km and along the way you will see the dramatic landscape of this stunning natural area declared a UNESCO world heritage site. The valley was once filled with limestone karsts which have since eroded away, leaving in its place the rounded mogote hills that have become distinctive symbols of this area. The rich red earth of the Viñales countryside is also home to the local farming population who lovingly tend the surrounding landscape to grow the tobacco crops from which Cuba’s world famous cigars are made.

Private transfer to Trinidad, via Cienfuegos Private transfer to Trinidad, via Cienfuegos

This city tour includes a visit to José Martí Park with an explanation of the history and architectural style. You'll also visit the Tomas Terry Theatre, the local markets around the Boulevard and enjoy a visit to Palacio del Valle.

Days 6-8


Two nights in Trinidad Two nights in Trinidad

With its beautiful colonial architecture, cobbled streets and mountainous backdrop, Trinidad is one of Cuba’s most handsome cities. The city itself is full of charm. Streets are lined with pastel-coloured mansions and the vibrant plazas are bursting with life. The sound of horses’ hooves clattering along the cobbles rings through the air, alongside the clang of workman’s tools as people tend to their houses and fix cars, stopping often to laugh and chat with their neighbours.

Trinidad city tour Trinidad city tour

A walking tour which introduces you to this UNESCO World Heritage Site. An expert guide will explain the history of the town, while visiting its architecture highlights and giving you insight into its fascinating history in the colonial era and during the years after the Revolution.

Private transfer to Havana, via Santa Clara Private transfer to Havana, via Santa Clara

No trip to Cuba is complete without a trip to the Che memorial. Pay homage to this charasmatic leader of the Cuban revolution where he fought and won the battle of Santa Clara.

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