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World's Southernmost Lodge with Scenic Views

Facilities & Services
  • 24 rooms
  • Library
  • Restaurant
  • Private Jetty
  • Stables
  • There are various programs of activities to choose from and tailor-made to your preferences
  • Helicopter over Cape Horn
  • Trekking in Omora Park
  • Boat Outings
  • Horse Riding
  • Kayaking
  • Sailing on S.V. Victory schooner
  • Navigation Programs
  • Expeditions to the Beaver Dam

Located on the very tip of the Americas continent and in the Cape Horn World Biosphere Reserve, Lakutaia Lodge is a pleasant and very comfortable hotel from which to explore Chile’s majestic southern fjords.

The hotel’s privileged position is capitalised on by its equally impressive program of activities and expeditions. Helicopter over the channels, dams and inlets, horse ride to Darwin Mountain, fishing, and sailing the SV Victory schooner are but some of the choices that can be factored into your bespoke programme.

The service is very personal, there’s a good in-house restaurant and all in all the lodge makes the experience of the Chilean Antarctica a very comfortable and comprehensive one.

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