Ancient Principles and Modern Luxury

Facilities & services
  • 75 rooms
  • Restaurant, Bistro and Pool Bar
  • Outdoor pool and terrace
  • Garden
  • Sauna
  • Wi-Fi
  • Visit the Hanga Roa Anthropological Museum
  • Tour the ruins of the Orongo ceremonial village at the Rano Kau volcano

Boasting fine sea-views and an ancient aura, you’ll find the Hangaroa Eco Village and Spa on the main coastal road less than a kilometre from the airport and just a few short steps from the centre of the town. This holistic resort has been been designed to reflect Easter Island’s fascinating ancient culture and constructed using local materials such as volcanic rock, cypress woods, and natural clay.

Although modelled on the ancient Orongo ceremonial village and built with sustainable practices in mind such as natural lighting, the hotel’s 75 rooms and suites have been luxuriously appointed with oversized tubs and all the modern conveniences. The hotel’s reception itself is a marvel, built to resemble an ancestral “boat house” and care has been taken to ensure that there’s a harmonic interrelation between all spaces.

When you’re not exploring the ancient ruins at the Rano Kau volcano or uncovering the mysteries of the past at the Hanga Roa Anthropological Museum, relax at the outdoor pool and terrace and enjoy gastronomic delights at the hotel’s restaurant, bistro or snack bar.

Where will you venture?

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