A very unique stay for those that love the outdoors

Facilities & services
  • 12 private cottages
  • Swimming pool
  • Jacuzzi
  • Bar
  • Restaurant
  • 9,000 acres private reserve
  • Hiking
  • Mountain biking
  • Birdwatching
  • Nature walks
  • Private waterfall picnics

Set within a 7,200-acre private reserve, Hidden Valley Inn is a unique place within Belize and offers a very different experience from other lodges in the country. The focus here is on making the very most of the grounds and there is a fantastic trail system with over 90 miles to explore hiking or mountain biking. Guests are able to trek these independently, taking a two-way radio to keep in contact and, considering there are just twelve rooms here, it is likely that you will almost never see others whilst you are exploring the grounds.

Trails lead through both pine and broad-leaf forest allowing great wildlife and birdwatching opportunities. There are also several secluded waterfalls within the forest for relaxing at (the honeymoon waterfall can be booked to allow total privacy and can be laid out with a special picnic).

The cottages are semi-detached and are furnished in an understated way with natural hard woods stone floors. The main communal area has a pleasant bar and restaurant and there is an outdoor pool and heated Jacuzzi.

Service is excellent and the trails are very well maintained and posted. Hosts Flavian and Beverly lend a personal touch to the experience and make sure that all guests make the most of their stay.

Positive Impact

Conservation of nature

Hidden Valley Inn is located on a 7,200 acre private reserve comprised of two ecosystems, Caribbean pine forest and tropical broadleaf jungle. Throughout these forests, you can find numerous cascades, pools and waterfalls networked by over 90 miles of trails and roads, and Hidden Valley Inn is involved with multiple wildlife projects in the region to help protect these areas. For example, the first orange-breasted falcons born in captivity, five females and one male, were released by the Peregrine Fund on Hidden Valley Inn’s private reserve in 2007. Other animals that live in the forest include jaguars, ocelots and peccaries, as well as otters that can be seen swimming in the quiet streams on the property.

Sustainable practices and community support

The inn has numerous environmentally-friendly procedures in place to minimise waste, such as using eco-friendly chemicals and products from reputable suppliers, as well as fresh local produce instead of imported packaged goods. In addition to this, the inn monitors their electricity, fuel and water usage, and have an eco-friendly garbage disposal system. They also rely on locals for their business, and employ the majority of their employees from the surrounding villages. By economically empowering these residents, they in turn take ownership of the natural resources and are motivated to protect the wildlife and biodiversity of the area.

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