Quirky eco-friendly lodge set in the tangled rainforest.

Facilities & services
  • Restaurant, grill and bar
  • Sitting room
  • Outdoor pool
  • Daily excursions to explore the forest
  • Birdwatching
  • Nature walks

Set in the heart of the wildlife-rich Misiones Rainforest but just a relatively short distance from Iguazu Falls makes this lodge perfect for those looking for a little adventure.

Yacutinga Lodge is set in 570 hectares of carefully protected rainforest and is run to have zero-impact on its surrounding environment. This does mean that some comforts are forgone with no air conditioning and, at times, no electricity.

The rooms and communal areas are comfortable and the quality of the guiding is good, with groups of no more than twelve.

Positive Impact

Flora and fauna protection

The lodge founded the Yacutinga Biological Station which has been key in facilitating further research and sustainability projects around the surrounding area. Initiatives include the Forest Regeneration Program, the Capybara Breeding Program and several ecological inventories, such as the researching of diurnal butterflies, in which they have uncovered one new species for science and 32 new species within Argentina.

A focus on water

To ensure minimal water usage, guests are encouraged to drink tap water, saving on plastic from bottled water at the same time. In addition, the garden at the lodge consists almost entirely of native species, without the need kind for artificial watering or irrigation, while the few introduced plants are spectacularly beautiful, non-invasive species that pose no threat to the ecosystem. Periodically, the lodge helps to clean the San Francisco Stream and the Upper Iguazu River, as some rubbish has been known to float down from the towns upstream. To bring greater effectiveness to this exercise, they have developed a river cleaning system made from recycled plastic bottles that effectively collects most floating waste, which can then be collected when necessary without disrupting the flow or ecosystem.

The Yateì Project

The Yateì Project focuses on the production of a special wild honey with homeopathic characteristics, comparable with New Zealand`s Manuka honey, It is produced by the Meliponidae bee, or in Guaranì language, the Yateì. The Guaranì community has provided invaluable ancestral know-how and the lodge have in turn offered partnership in a co-operative system, helping to produce income through the harvesting of artificial honey nests that have been jointly created and maintained.

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