South Africa with Jacada Travel

South Africa will always be close to our hearts. Home to Jacada’s Africa team, it is not only picturesque, but full of surprises. Let us show you why we adore the ‘Rainbow Nation’.

South Africa with Jacada Travel

Byron: Jacada Travel arranges private, luxury, tailor-made trips.

What’s unique about booking a tour to South Africa with Jacada is that we are Africans ourselves, South Africans, and we are based in London, but also in Cape Town, in South Africa, so we really have our fingers on the pulse – we know exactly what’s going on and it’s a passion of ours.

Great guides

Tess: From the moment you arrive off your flight in Johannesburg or Cape Town, we literally have a Jacada representative waiting there for you. Everything flows smoothly and that happens all the way through the trip.

Byron: So many people working in the background, from transfer drivers to guides to our operations team in Cape Town, making sure that everything goes smoothly. But ultimately what to expect is something that is very relaxing and that you’re taken care of right until we put you back on the plane to go home.

Tess: We have really amazing guides at Jacada and we’ve put a lot of time and effort into finding them. What makes them special is the fact that they have their own story and they bring their own interpretation of what they enjoy in South Africa or Cape Town or Johannesburg, right to the client. It’s amazing and that makes trips, and friendships are formed as well.

Byron: Whether it’s Katie or Lesley for example, in the Winelands, ladies that are extremely passionate and extremely knowledgeable, also well-connected. Someone like Jo, one of our guides in Johannesburg. Jo has been taking people around Johannesburg for five or six years, before it was cool to do it. Our guides on safari are also extremely important and we put a lot of time and effort in choosing the right lodge, and that is an extremely important part of the luxury trips to South Africa.

Amazing accommodation

Tess: The properties, the lodges that we work with are very much geared towards conservation. Purely by being there you’re supporting not only the environment remaining in its natural state, but the animals having free reign.

Byron: There’s a lot of diversity in what you can do in South Africa. There’s some incredible high-end experiences, but what we do very well is personally select those so you don’t have to necessarily spend the time doing hours and hours of research making sure that you are going to the right lodge or you’re with the right guide. That’s something that we know intimately.

Personal passion

Byron: My personal relationship with South Africa is, well…I grew up there. I get to show people my home country. I often say we are trying to generate the best trip you have ever done in your life. South Africa makes it easy for us to do that…we’re just creating incredible experiences. We’re creating the highlights of people’s lives.

Tess: When you look at the itinerary yourself, you’ve put it together, you email it across and you have this wonderful feeling: this is going to be amazing. And you hope that they ‘get it’…and then you get an email from the client going…”wow, this is incredible”. That’s a wonderful feeling, and that’s why we do this job.

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