Meet Our Kruger Guides: Chantelle and Glass

On safari in South Africa with guides Chantelle and Glass. Shot at Singita Lebombo of Kruger National Park.

Meet Our Kruger Guides: Chantelle and Glass

Chantelle: Back office, back office, do you copy?

Radio: Go ahead.

Chantelle: Afternoon all stations, Chantelle going mobile.

[Radio signal]

Chantelle: I’ve known Glass since about 1996, so… long, long time. We’re spending everyday together, looking for animals, trying to make people’s dreams come true, so it is a very important relationship and it has gotta work. [Laughs]. We’re just lucky we’ve known each other for a long time. I’ve known Glass’s family for a long time. We were just very, very lucky that we got paired together, as a team, so yeah.

[Laughs] You won’t last very long if you don’t realise that you’re not the most powerful, biggest, important thing out here. The bush can show you how powerful it is, so you’ve gotta remain humble and know your place basically. Otherwise [laughing] it’s a bit of an issue.

[To radio] Stations, my radio has been down for a short while… can I quickly get an update please?

[Looking at elephants] It’s beautiful. Got to love that guy.

[Radio signal]

Chantelle: [To radio] Ok great, thank you very much man.

I really think it does stimulate all your senses, and with today’s world, I don’t think we use our primal senses enough. So, when you come here, all of a sudden you’re using all your primal senses and that usually is a profound experience with some people. I think we live in a time where everything is instant gratification and to work with something and to be patient and to wait and then finally, to be rewarded by a sighting like this… We could track lions for three days and then finally find lions and I think, that also is an incredible, amazing experience for people.

It’s just totally different. If you look around there’s nothing man-made around besides our vehicle. Everything is natural or the way it was hundreds, thousands of years ago. I’ve worked in the most amazing places on earth. But this is home, this is just…amazing.