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Private Honeymoons to Belize

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We offer a fully tailor-made, luxury service to create the perfect honeymoon in Belize for you and your fiancee.

Belize is a wonderfully diverse and interesting place to visit on your honeymoon. Despite it's small size there are many different landscapes, peoples and nature to be encountered here. Only 300,000 people live in the country giving the entire place a laid back 'small town' easy going nature. At the peak of the Mayan civilisation it's estimated that as many as two million Mayans lived here, their history is everywhere with many sites discovered and many more laying hidden in the rainforest.

Belize is also home to the largest barrier reef in the Western hemisphere allowing some excellent diving and snorkeling opportunities in the warm Caribbean waters (there are also some great honeymoon beachfront hotels).

Browse the locations in Belize below to find your perfect combination. Then talk to our team of Belize experts to create your bespoke honeymoon itinerary here.

Honeymooning in Belize can be action-packed, incredibly intimate and unique, or as delightfully romantic and relaxing as you please. Disappear to a secret rainforest hideaway, hike to waterfalls, explore the wildlife-rich jungles and discover the Mayan past. We can arrange for you to just laze away on an idyllic Caribbean beach or sail out into its waters to spot Manatees and dive the Planet's second largest barrier reef. Whatever you like!
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