Helicopter Safaris in Kenya

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Explore Kenya in the most spectacular way possible, with a private helicopter Safari.

We can create an amazing, personalised trip for you that will take in a combination of the famous highlights of Kenya as well as it’s best kept secrets.

As well as the exhilarating journey and spectacular landscapes, travelling by helicopter will afford you access to Kenya’s hidden secrets, areas inaccessible or too remote to visit by land. Making for a truly privileged and unique trip.

The pilots and craft used are experts in the field and have been responsible for taking many documentary film crews around the most beautiful sights of the country. If you’re looking for the stunning vistas and amazing sights you’ve seen on the screen, this is the team to take you there to see with your own eyes.

For an epic and very privileged journey through Kenya: to corners rarely touched by human presence, to tribes barely touched by modern civilisation not to mention the ease, comfort and freedom of getting to these areas and remote safari lodgings by helicopter. This is the way to do Kenya if you can

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Byron Thomas
Travel Designer

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