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Jacada designs private journeys for those seeking the exceptional – people who wish to go beyond the typical and venture deeper, get away from the crowds and experience something truly special.

We’ll help you find and travel to the most amazing places on earth, allowing you to reconnect with nature and have nothing between you and incredible landscapes, all while being looked after by an expert guide. 

This year, experience the magic of seeing animals in the wild…

The moment that the Johnson family finally got to see elephants up close on a South African safari.

Hike amongst other-worldly glaciers in Patagonia...

The breathtaking glacial scenery in the El Chalten region of Argentina's Patagonia.

...And see shades of green that you didn’t think were possible.

Sri Lanka's verdant, undulating hills in the tea country.

At Jacada, we specialise in creating bespoke private journeys for people who wish to experience something truly special.

We work to make sure that your precious holiday time is spent in a way that’s most valuable to you…

Travellers take a moment to absorb the Alpine lake and surrounding mountains in Switzerland.

Whether that's being dropped completely off the map...

Off the beaten track in the Kalahari wilderness, South Africa on a private Jacada safari.

... or right in the middle of the action.

A tiger on the prowl in Kanha National Park, heart of the wildlife action in India.

We’ll not only sort out the logistics and pair you with amazing expert guides, but we also make sure that every interaction you have is done responsibly and away from the crowds.

Lucy learns from local Rajasthani guides on a game drive through Jawai.

So tell us... what do you want to get closer to this year?

The sacred Uluru rock illuminated by an ethereal sky full of stars in Australia.

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