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A privately chartered cruise to discover the rich marine life and beautiful islands of the Raja Ampat archipelago

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  • Personalised journeys from start to finish

  • Every trip helps support Conservation

  • Every detail taken care of

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At a glance

In Indonesia’s West Papua province, the Raja Ampat archipelago is surrounded by some of the richest and most biodiverse waters in the world. Over 1,500 islands, cays and shoals surround the four main islands of Misool, Salawati, Batanta and Waigeo – known collectively as the Four Kings.

You’ll explore this beautiful part of the world on a private luxury yacht, weaving through the turquoise waters that are dotted with lush forested limestone cliffs. Discover pristine white sand beaches, hidden coves and wild mangrove forests while admiring the tropical birds and butterflies that flit through the skies.

Under the sparkling water, another world exists – one of colourful schools of fish, beautifully ornate coral reefs and elegant marine mammals. You’ll have the opportunity to swim, snorkel and kayak through this incredible environment – one which is almost undisturbed by humans.

This itinerary is based on four people aboard the yacht. The length of the itinerary can be amended should you wish to spend longer exploring these beautiful islands.

Example trip itinerary

Day 1


Flights & transfers


Private transfer from Sarong airport to the harbour to boat your private yacht

Private yachts in Raja Ampat


On arrival at Sorong airport, you will be met and transferred to the harbour to board your luxury vessel. Once you have met the crew and settled in, the yacht will set sail for Raja Ampat’s southernmost islands. Stop en route at Senapan Island where you can enjoy a swim and indulge in dinner served on deck under the stars.

Day 2

Kri Peninsula


This morning, you’ll awake to the sound of tropical birds calling from the depths of the jungle. Mioskon Bay is a spectacular spot where you can spend the morning snorkelling in the mangroves, or kayaking across mirror still waters, hugging the verdant rocky coastline. Famed for its abundant fish life and vibrant coral slopes, the Kri peninsula offers some of the most exquisite underwater vistas in Raja Ampat. Here, you can dive or snorkel at world-class sites such as Cape Kri , Sardine Reef and Mike’s Point, where vibrant soft and hard coral reef provide shelter for veils of colorful reef fish, turtles, sharks and even manta rays. Nearby, the island of Mansuar is home to an interesting church, and you can head ashore for a glimpse of local culture.

Days 3-4

Wayag Islands


For the next two days, the yacht will cruise the interminable green island maze that comprises the most visually stunning scene in Raja Ampat – the Wayag Islands. This postcard-worthy tropical paradise provides a magnificent backdrop for watersports. Kayak, paddleboard or cruise at water level on the tender, exploring hidden coves in the shadow of Wayag’s sheer limestone peaks.

You can climb the renowned island peak behind the anchorage for a full panoramic view of the azure waterways through the rock formations, and finish the hike with a swim at the dazzling white sand beach below. One evening, you will be treated to a magnificent fresh grill on a deserted stretch of beach at sunset, complete with a blazing campfire, comfortable cushions and cocktails.

Day 5

Penemu Islands


A cluster of rocky limestone domes makes up the Penemu Islands. Draped with tiers of green vegetation, the islets encircle a shallow green bay and a walking trail along the rocky hills that leads to a look out with magnificent views of the lagoon, its outlying islands, and the ocean beyond. From here, you can travel out to some of the most celebrated snorkelling and diving sites in the area, where turtles float over intricate coral gardens and Manta rays meet large schools of game fish congregating in nutrient-rich currents. Take to a paddleboard or a kayak and enjoy the waters at your own pace, or jump on the tender and cruise out to deeper channels, where you might spot one of the local pods of dolphin, or perhaps some migrating whales.

Day 6



Rise at the crack of dawn for the best chance of sighting a rare red bird of paradise. Your cruise director will accompany you to the island of Gam, where the curious local children will wander with you to the foot of a jungle-clad hill. Hike around 45 minutes to reach the bird-watching platform and keep your eyes and ears open for signs of this elusive, beautiful bird. Return to your yacht for a well-earned breakfast and take in the statuesque mushroom islands of Kabui Bay, marking the entrance to a narrow channel of water through which strong currents run with each tide – the famous Passage. The channel is framed by limestone cliffs and green vegetation and below, offers a rare glimpse at what is effectively a salt water river, shrouded with soft corals, fans and sponges. Nearby, the southern edge of Gam has quiet waterways leading through mangroves where you can glide through narrow inlets in the tender, exploring the jungle. You may be lucky and see a bloom of stingless moon jellyfish, making for an enigmatic swimming experience.

Day 7



In the 1700s, William Dampier reached the northwestern tip of Papua and travelled with the rising tide into the great channel that now bears his name. The Dampier Strait conveys massive quantities of seawater, forcing currents to flow parallel to the equator where most currents flow north and south. Dampier’s tidal surges carry planktonic feasts that attracts manta rays near Arborek Island. Spend time diving or snorkelling over the sandy bottom and wait for the mantas to pass, swooping past with curious eyes in an elegant underwater ballet. After lunch onboard, head ashore to Arborek village.

Communities in Raja Ampat primarily make their living from sustainable fishing and pearling, with around 18 villages in the region, all of which are very small. Arborek has a population of under 200, with very hospitable people creating handicrafts from sea pandan leaves including hats, string bags and carvings. Another beautiful day in Raja Ampat ends with cocktails on deck as the sun melts into the horizon.

Day 8


Rock Islands and Lagoon in Raja Ampat, Indonesia

The island of Batanta offers fantastic bird watching and jungle scenery. Here, you can enjoy your final day in Raja Ampat with a trek to the local waterfall and a swim in the pool below or underneath the falls’ cave, and observe some of the most spectacular birds and butterflies inhabiting the jungle. This evening’s anchorage affords the chance to settle in for a spectacular island sunset, serenaded by myriad of local bird life, such as Blythes hornbills, palm cockatoos, egrets and various sea eagles returning to roost for the evening.

Day 9


The yacht will set sail early this morning towards Sorong. After a farewell breakfast, you will be escorted to the harbour by your yacht’s crew, and onwards to the local airport to catch your flight home.

Flights & transfers


Private transfer to Sarong airport

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