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Enjoy sci-fi cityscapes, tranquil green tea plantations and placid, eternal lakes in Japan

Japan is a land where the future meets the past. You’ll find ancient gods, customs and craftsmanship woven together with cutting-edge modern technology and futuristic fashions in this 6800 island volcanic archipelago. Get ready for a complete sensory overload.

  • Travel by high-speed trains from the bustling, sci-fi cityscapes of Tokyo and Osaka to tranquil landscapes of the east.
  • Watch kimono-clad geisha shuffle down a Kyoto street.
  • Explore the medieval castle town of Kanazawa.
  • Feel your troubles melt away in the warm waters of a traditional onsen resort in Hakone or Yamashiro and Yamanaka.
  • Re-imagine Hiroshima, a city once destroyed by an atomic bomb and now a thriving, international metropolis.
  • Discover Okinawa, a laid-back and idyllic island with a surprising fusion of cultures.

Let Jacada help you to discover this diverse region with a seamless and personalised itinerary. Take a look at our example itineraries for inspiration, and then speak to our Japan Travel Designers to start planning your own tailor-made trip.

Whatever you want from your Asia tour, our team of expert travel designers are ready to help.

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Need to Know

is the local time
Yen is the local currency
Tokyo is the capital city
Sushi is Japan's national dish

When to go

Japan is a year-round destination. Visit in March and April to catch the cities cloaked in cherry blossom and from October to November to see the maple trees explode in clouds of orange and red.

A guide to Japanese etiquette
Japanese tea ceremony

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