Sylvia Earle

Facilities & services
  • 71 Cabins
  • 8 Decks
  • Lecture theatre
  • Science centre
  • Jacuzzi/Plunge Pools
  • Dining Rooms & Bar
  • Sea Kayaking
  • Scuba Diving
  • Snorkelling
  • Stand-Up Paddleboarding

The Sylvia Earle honours highly accomplished marine biologist, oceanographer and explorer Dr Sylvia Earle. As the first female chief scientist of the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the vessel pays tribute to Dr Earle’s long-standing conservation efforts for marine protected areas and ocean wildlife. The vessel has been purpose-built for undertaking expeditions to some of the most remote places on Earth, of which Raja Ampat in Indonesia.

The revolutionary Ulstein X-BOW will allow it to cross oceans more efficiently. The Sylvia Earle boasts numerous observation decks from where you can marvel at the scenery you slip past. There are variety of activities to fill your days, both on board and in (or even under) water.

As you set sail to the tropical archipelago of West Papua, you will pass by Raja Ampat and the many other nearby islands of the Indonesian archipelago. This area of Indonesia is iconic for it is a melting pot of culture, history and nature. As you journey through the waters, you get to discover the influence of Melanesia, Islam, the Portuguese explorers and Dutch traders who ventured to the ‘Spice Islands’ in search of highlyprized spices such as nutmeg. Located in the heart of the Coral Triangle, Raja Ampat is also a marine biodiversity hotspot. With 75 per cent of the world’s coral species and over 1,500 species of tropical fish found here, it is a paradise for divers and snorkellers. Enjoy guided walks through rainforest where you may catch a glimpse of Birds-of-Paradise, and in Banda Neira, explore Fort Belgica, a fortress built by the Dutch in the 16th century to ward off marauders.

As part of your cruise, you will be able to snorkel and dive among the world’s most biodiverse marine ecosystems in Raja Ampat. Perhaps the most memorable experience though will be to swim amongst whale sharks in Cenderawasih Marine National Park. Bird watchers get their fair share of happiness as many endemic Birds-of-Paradise call the Arfak Mountains home. Another highlight of this trip is the impressive Fort Belgica – one of the largest remaining European forts in Indonesia – on Banda Neira. 


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