Pasta-making class in Florence

Trips that Offer the Best Educational Experiences

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Alex Carey, Byron Thomas & Kate Herz

One of the most alluring parts of travelling is the opportunity to learn - about a new place, a new culture, a new type of food...

Now, more and more people travel with the specific intent of learning something new, be it cooking pasta in Italy, or photographing wildlife in Africa.

Here are our top picks of the best learning experiences you can have while travelling.

Wildlife Photography
Conservation Hikes
Fishing Trips

Gelato-making and cooking in Italy

For something a bit different, we have a gelato tasting tour in Florence that will get anyone’s tails wagging. With an expert gelato maker, you’ll learn all about the gelato-making process as well as the history of frozen delicacy before tasting your way through a range of fabulous flavours. If that doesn’t inspire you to buy your own gelato-making machine, we don’t know what will!

Making pasta in Florence


Or, if you want to just dedicate an entire trip to learning about Italian food, then head on our foodie tour of Tuscany to learn about the region’s wine, pasta and truffles.

Filling the pasta dough
Schooling Fish in Blue Water

Fishing and spearfishing in indonesia


Indonesia’s Nihi Sumba Island Hotel attracts ocean lovers of all types, from surfers to fishing enthusiasts. Perhaps one of the most unique experiences you can have there is spearfishing with an expert – an excellent add-on to any fishing day trip. Experts at the resort will take you out on a boat to a quiet area where you’ll spend the morning catching fish (which you’ll likely eat for dinner that night).

Spearfishing in Indonesia


Depending on who takes you out, you’ll have the chance to snorkel amongst the shoals of fish and even try your hand at spearfishing. It’s a great way to learn about the fascinating ocean life in the area, while picking up a new skill or two. You can learn more about our experience fishing at Nihi Sumba here.

Fresh fish barbecue on Sumba Island

Wildlife photography in Africa


In Botswana’s Okavango Delta and Kenya’s Maasai Mara, Great Plains offers some brilliant photography experiences at their properties through their Wild Studio workshop. You will be joined by a specialist photographer and learn not only about wildlife photography but also about editing and developing your reel so that your photos will be Nat Geo-worthy in no time.

A safari car observing wild dogs


Other lodges that offer unique photography experiences and amenities are Londolozi Lodge,  Makanyi Lodge, and Sabi Sabi.

Giraffes crossing the road
Costa Rica Jungle

Rainforests and sustainability in Lapa Rios, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a model country for sustainability practices, and most of the luxury lodges and properties there leading the way. Lapa Rios is one such lodge in the Oso Valley. While staying there, you can take part in a number of different tours on offer that focus on sustainability and the local surroundings, so by the time you come home, you’ll be a full blown expert.

Costa Rica landscape

Some of our top choices are the tour that takes you to contribute to rainforest reforestation by planting a tree, the local medicine tour, and a tour of the local area that teaches you about sustainability practices of the property.

Sunlight in the Costa Rica Jungle
Bush walk in South Africa

Animal conservation at Molori, South Africa

If you’re interested in learning more about the amazing animal conservation initiatives undertaken by lodges in Africa, then head to Molori Lodge in South Africa. Molori is involved in rhino conservation efforts and guests can join the team for a hands-on rhino tagging experience, where they’ll see how notching, DNA sampling and micro chipping is done in order to protect these amazing animals.

A family of Rhinos in South Africa at sunset

Accompanying a vet and ecologist, you’ll get up close to the rhinos on the ground – or if that’s not your cup of tea, you can join them in a helicopter rhino search. Learning more about conservation efforts will undoubtedly give you a newfound appreciation for the men and women who do it on a daily basis as well as an in-depth understanding about what it means to conserve and protect endangered animals.

Rhino in South Africa

Ceviche making in Lima, Peru

Lima, South America’s foodie capital, is filled with fantastic foodie experiences. One of our favourites is dedicated to ceviche, a classic Peruvian dish. You’ll join your expert guide for a food tour of Lima, with a visit to Surquillo Market.

Ceviche at Astrid y Gaston Restaurant

At the food market, you’ll watch and learn to make Ceviche at a tiny food stall that specialises in the fare, surrounded only by locals. It’s as authentic as an experience that you can get in the city. Learn more about our extended foodie discovery of Peru trip here.

Fresh ceviche in Lima, Peru

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