Chimps in Gombe Stream National Park

Facilities & services
  • 7 Tents
  • Library
  • Hiking to find the chimps
  • Birdwatching
  • Hike to the waterfalls
  • Swimming and snorkelling in the lake

With only seven fitted tents raised on wooden decks, you will be able to enjoy a beautiful respite on the beaches of Lake Tanganyika in true comfort and relative solitude. The tents are all simply but stylishly designed and offer you a viewpoint over the lake which you can make full use of when you aren’t enjoying the multitude of activities available at the camp. With mango trees looming overhead, the tents are all carefully positioned to provide you with a quiet and peaceful atmosphere and the comfort of any luxurious lodge. Gombe Stream National Park is a combination of ancient forest and river valleys that lead to the white sandy beaches of Lake Tanganyika and offers a fantastic ecosystem to large numbers of both water and land animals that you can enjoy this paradise with.

A key highlight to a trip here is walking up into the forest to find the chimps that live in the area. Now in great numbers thanks in part to the conservation work of Jane Goodall, you could find yourself in the presence of some amazing individuals who call these trees their home. Not always guaranteed, you could find them within a half an hour stride into the hills or after a rather tiring 5 hour march but with the help of highly trained guides, your experience will be worth the energy and patience you put into finding them. Two waterfalls nearby are worth an adventurous trek or if you would rather ‘sit this one out’, you can splash about in the pristine waters of the lake and enjoy some leisurely bird watching, trying to spot a fish eagle swoop down for its catch of the day. You also have access to a library full of books that you would take with you onto the decks and browse at your leisure.

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