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Luxury travel to Northern Peru Amazon Cruises

Cruise the Amazon in Luxury in Peru's North

Peru's Northern Amazon is a huge area, reached by flying into the 'forest-locked' city of Iquitos which has no road connections to the rest of Peru.
Travelling here allows one access to one of the most pristine areas of the Amazon, the Pacayra Samira reserve of flooded forest. An area of outstanding beauty that is best visited by boat.

That's why we've selected a number of luxury, expedition cruises to allow you to explore deep into the jungle, whilst remaining in comfort. What makes a trip into the Amazon exception however, is the guides, who we feel are exceptional on these cruises. It's through their intimate knowledge of the rainforest that you will come to appreciate and enjoy this vast wilderness.

When to go

There is no clearly defined dry season (this is the rainforest after all) June to September tend to be slightly drier.

What to do

  • Nature walks
  • Visits to local communities
  • Bird watching
  • Dolphin spotting

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