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Eric, Flamingo and Letty Boats

Three Identical Yachts for Twenty Passengers Each & Intimate Guiding

These are three almost identical yachts, treated as just one for the purposes of booking. Each of the 25-metre yachts has capacity for twenty guests, comfortably accommodated in ten outwards facing cabins over three decks. What's great about these yachts is the fact that there is one guide per ten guests (two on board, and one of the ratios in Galapagos cruises), meaning that the group sizes are much smaller than the standard sixteen per guide that many other cruises work to.

The interiors are compact and comfortable, decorated throughout with teak. All cabins are air conditioned and the design of the boat gives a more stable platform for a more relaxing cruise. The three boats have also been fitted with solar panels for ecological reasons and sustainable cruises.

Unique features include glass bottomed kayaks for guests to explore the waters during snorkelling trips, and there are adult-only departure dates available on these cruise ships too.

Facilities & Services

  • 10 cabins with a maximum of 20 guests
  • Lounge
  • Bar
  • Dining Room
  • Sun deck
  • Glass bottomed kayaks
  • Adult-only departures are available too


  • Guided Nature walks
  • Snorkelling
  • Kayaking
  • Boat trips

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