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Luxury & Expedition Antarctica Cruises

Sail these Intrepid Seas in High Comfort

More of a voyage than a cruise, sailing the Southern Oceans to explore Antarctica is both a privileged and unforgettable experience that can be done in the highest possible comfort and luxury.
The White Continent holds many a scene that you will not see anywhere else on Earth. From the bows of one the fine cruisers below, watch a wild land mysterious to most unfold in front of you and board fully-equipped Zodiacs for getting up close to penguins, blue whales, orcas, fur seals and other remarkable wildlife solely suited to this most challenging of environments.

We offer you the choice of several safe and state-of-the-art cruise ships with a range of comprehensive itineraries to the Antarctic. Simply see below then call us for more detailed programs.

When to go

  • During the Antarctic Summer : November to March, with December to January being the optimal time.
  • From mid to late December the penguin chicks start to hatch, and in January you will catch the the feeding frenzy that ensues.
  • February to early March is the best time to spot whales, and there are generally a good number of fur seals to be seen too.

What to do

  • Take in the magnificent scenery
  • Spot the incredible wildlife § get up close with expert guides who will brief you on the natural history of the Antarctic

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